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Arts classes in Augusta Maine

Year Established 2004
Program Description Art instruction devoted to decorating wine glasses, creating wine charms & cocktail book, string art, needle felting, beeswax collage.
Number of Programs/Year
Program Length 3 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio 20
Program Focus Collage, Painting, Paper/Fiber
Faculty Cyndi Duncan, founder of Altered Arts magazine.
Costs $205
U.S. Locations Augusta, Maine
Hudson, Ohio
Months June
Sponsor's Calendar Link
Contact Cyndi Duncan
Altered Arts magazine
PO Box 516
Hudson, OH 44236
United States
Phone: 888-852-5837

A lot of brits go to art school in Italy

by _afact_

For a fully accredited art college you'll see a lot of them at:
Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze (Academy of Art and Design in Florence, Italy.
I think you'll find that courses are offered in English and Italian because of the huge number of English speaking students.
Accademia Di Belle Arti
Via Ricasoli, 66
50122 Firenze (FI), Italy
055 215449
BTW: That's not an atelier. It's a fine art school.
Michaelangelo's "David" was removed from the outdoors and placed inside the Accademia to protect it from the elements

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Popular Q&A

Which nyu school is best for me?

i want to major in photography, and i know that the tisch school offers a major in photography and imaging. however, i'm not really into any other kind of performing arts, which tisch really stresses. so i'm wondering, if i want to mainly pursue photography, but also would like to take classes in fine/studio arts, which of the nyu schools would be the best for doing that? and i do realize there are other colleges where i can do this, but i am asking for nyu in particular.

Just because Tisch also offers Performing Arts Majors, doesn't mean that you must take any Performing Arts classes. Tisch offer majors The ARTS, which includes EITHER: FINE ARTS (including Photography), Performance Arts, and Music Arts.

You will not find a better NYU school for Photography, as Tisch is where the best instructors are. Tisch would also be the best place for your talent to be on display and for you to get noticed in the field.

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