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Art courses in Fiji

The Department of Education in the School of Humanities and Arts is a rapidly expanding Department dedicated to providing the very latest approaches to teaching, learning and leadership within the Fiji context. The models used emphasize the integration of theory and practice; authentic learning experiences; problem-based and inquiry learning and the development of self-reliant and reflective practices.

The Department of Education offers the following programmes of study;

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) In-service
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Teaching
  • Master of Educational Leadership
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)

Department of Language, Literature and Communication

The Department of Language, Literature and Communication offers courses in Academic English, Linguistics, Language Studies, Literary Theory and Literature with a special emphasis on oral and written communication in the diverse and complex cultural context of contemporary Fiji, and the global impact of English as a medium of education and globalization.

The Department’s major emphasis is on creating courses relevant and significant to the teaching and study of English in Fiji and recognizing English as a global language of immense value to our students and society. Fiji writers and writing on Fiji form an integral and vital component of the courses in the context of postcolonial studies.

Courses are also offered in English Studies at the post-graduate level: Post-Colonial Writing: Theory and Text, Literature and Film: Modern Fiction, Creative Writing and Women’s Writing. It is envisaged that units will be offered in Teaching & Reading Poetry, Creative Writing and Critical Reading, Teaching English and Writing Fiji.

The Department also offers a major in Hindi Language and Indian Culture and a Diploma in Hindi Language and Indian Culture. The aim of this programme is to:

  • Promote the knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Hindi Language, Literature and Indian Culture, with emphasis on the Fiji experience of multiculturalism.
  • Develop the student’s competence in speaking, listening, reading, writing and reflecting in Hindi.

There is a place in soho on spring street

by ya_ya

That has been there for years, they have weekly open life-drawing classes. ask there. they are on the south side of the street, near the 6 train. the entrance is a stairway to the basement, painted white w/ art notices on the walls going down. i think it's just west of the vegetairian restaurant on the corner of spring and lafayette, but i could be a little off about that.
good luck.

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