Nail Art courses Ireland

Next nail course will be on Tuesday May 6th

Hairspray has just launched free nail course workshops. This is a new initiative by our company to teach both seasoned professional nail technicians and beginners how to prep and apply gel nails while also demonstarting our extensive range of nail products just launched into the Irish beauty industry with great success.

When you enrol for the one day course the only expense is your starter kit (pic below) which costs €195. This has all the essential tools of the trade to kick start your new career. Your kit includes nail lamp, professional nail tips, gel brushes, files & buffers. Also included in your beauty case is Hairspray’s new Eco Gel 2 Week Manicure set. The Nail courses are held every Tuesday in our all new state of the art training facility in 27 Henry Street, Dublin 1.

  • Health and safety
  • Nail anatomy
  • Client consultation
  • Preparing the nail
  • How to apply nail tips
  • How to apply Eco Gel over tips and on natural nails
  • How to refill/rebalance the nail
  • How to remove the gel nails
  • How to apply the 2 week gel polish on natural nails and tips
  • How to apply nail art, glitter, diamonds, bow, stickers ect on the nail
Nail Courses Training Nail Courses Training

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