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Kids rubbings workshop, RIBA, 6th August 2013All workshops are inspired by the RIBA Stirling Prize, the world’s most significant award for architecture, and are led by professional educators. Materials included in the cost of the workshop unless otherwise indicated.Presenting…the Starling Prize! Beehives, birds’ nests, rabbit warrens, spider webs and ant hills – animals are great architects. Explore the architecture of different animals in a series of challenges before taking on a design-and-build challenge of your own!

Design Quest workshops for 7-11 year olds are taking place from Monday 4 to Friday 8 August 2014. £30 children, £20 concessions.

Clare McKnight is a professional Staedtler UK demonstrator (who manufacture FIMO). She runs fun and creative sessions, which are fully supervised and non messy (CRB Checked). Recommended for age 6+.fimo workshop Workshops take place in home in Acton, West London, morning refreshments are provided, but remember your lunchbox. Just incase you wondered, when Claire is not teaching or working on new projects, she takes care of her family and enjoys feeding her 15 chickens, caring for their 60, 000 bees and growing all her own vegetables!

Dates : Fri 25th July Snoopy & Woodstock go camping : Mon 1st Sept. Pretty & useful jars, boxes and bowls : Tues 2nd Sept. Sylvanian Family Characters. Prices : All sessions run from 10.15 to 4.15 and cost £50 each.

fine art for kidsA fantastic range of holiday workshops from their practical art for young people project. Choose from 8-9 August Gallery Gardeners: Base Camp and Beyond : 22-23 August Summer Sculpture Lab: Build and Experiment : 26 August August Bank Holiday Family Drop-In – Mini Masterpiece : 7, 14, 21 and 28 August Art in the Garden. A wonderful location, great range of workshops for all ages, and great prices too.

This year Summer camp will take place in 2 different venues. The waterside Studio at the Red house in Harefield and the new larger venue in Malthouse Sq. in Beaconsfield Old Town.image August 11th – 15th Harefield 10- 3 pm. (FULL) August 18th-22nd Beaconsfield (Limited)
25th – 29th 11 – 4 pm in Beaconsfield (limited) £45/day, £195/week, Discounts for siblings and multiple weeks. £8 for early drop off or late pick up.

FineArt4Kids are dedicated to teaching children all aspects of fine art using the influences and techniques of the great masters. Their creative and educational lessons will teach your child about a range of skills, materials & artists in a fun and safe environment. The holiday workshop runs for 2 hours and there will be a break of 10 minutes for a snack and drink. The object that they complete will be ready to take home the same day! All tasty snacks and drinks are provided. Two Hours per day: 10 -12. £15.00 per day. At the end of the session, all children will learn, about the artist & How to use the materials & how to produce an image or object & personal achievements of their own in terms of confidence, ability as well as many others!

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By Mick Brooks
The collapse of Enron is the biggest crash in corporate history. In a matter of months the total share 'value' of energy firm Enron, the seventh biggest company in America, went from $80 billion to next to nothing. Thousands of workers are being made redundant. To add insult to injury, their pension plans were locked in to holdings of Enron shares, and are therefore worthless. Meanwhile Enron executives, aware of the coming shipwreck, sold $1 billion of their own holdings to outside suckers and were desperately shredding incriminating documents. At the same time they were siphoning off all the remaining assets through a vermicelli of holding companies fronted by Enron executives

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Native to the Northwest Coast.

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Which university in London is famous for both its music and art courses?

I am writing a novel on London and currently doing a research, but I figure it might be better to ask a few locals too. I am looking for the name of a famous university, with good music and art courses. Please also let me know where its location is. Thanks!

London Royal College of music and arts, though not sure if its the best one, try looking at the league tables for UK universities. (look for music and arts ranking at the times newspaper)

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