Summer Art courses in Spain

Logo of Metàfora, BarcelonaMetàfora, Barcelona:
Metàfora is an international art school for adult students, situated in an old factory building in the centre of Barcelona, on the northeast Mediterranean coast in Spain. For more than 10 years, Metàfora has successfully run 2-week summer courses and year-long courses in Studio Arts (the International Workshop), as well as several programs in Art Therapy; introductory courses and an MA training program for the University of Barcelona. In all courses at Metàfora, we place emphasis on working with the creative potential of each student and the emotive process we all go though when making art.


Summer Intensive Art Therapy - Initial Diploma Program (2 week course in English):
Students who undertake the Art Therapy Option of the Summer Intensive will obtain Metàfora’s Initial Diploma in Art Therapy, a Foundation Course which is recognized worldwide and is “a must” for those students who wish to pursue professional University Training in Art Therapy. The Diploma is a detailed transcript with description and number of hours of each class.Photo of Summer Art Course in Barcelona, Spain The Summer Course at Metàfora is famous for its international element, attracting students and professionals from all creative fields.

Metàfora maintains relations with many universities worldwide, where Art therapy is offered as a discipline, and we can guide and help our students with advice on which training program to opt for in the future. Among the staff on the Art Therapy Option are teachers, who also form part of the academic team of the MA in Art therapy at the University of Barcelona and of the University Pompeu Fabra.

In our Art Therapy courses, you will be exposed to both theoretical modules and practical experience. We present you with basic knowledge of Art Psychotherapy and provide a broad introduction to how this discipline is applied in different situations and with a range of different collectives. You will also participate in workshops where the focus is on the art making process itself and its potential.

The “Summer Intensive 2014” is designed as a series of lectures and workshops and the programme consists essentially of four different activities: Seminars, workshops, Experiential Art Therapy groups and Large Group. The day starts with daily seminars covering the basic theoretical foundations of Art Psychotherapy as well as a range of real-life cases with clients from different collectives. After this initial common space, the participants divide into groups according to choice of workshop (most of which last two days). You can combine classes according to your own interests, and the idea is to offer different simultaneous experiences for the student group.

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'Los cursos de verano no cuestan ni un duro.' (Rafael Puyol Antolín, rector de la Universidad Complutense de España)(TT: 'The summer courses don't ... in Spain)(Interview): An article from: Epoca
Book (Difusora de Informacion Periodica, S.A. (DINPESA))

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