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Summer Arts courses Edinburgh

Detailed descriptions of our three week programme of 5 day intensive courses at Edinburgh College of Art are provided via the links below.

Summer Courses pre-course projects

To get you started and thinking creatively before your course begins, each course has a short pre-course project. These can be viewed and downloaded below:

These include gathering visual information, researching some artists or doing some preliminary drawing - something you can do at home at your own pace. The projects are optional but we highly recommend them for students considering taking our courses for assessment.

Art Courses

Explore drawing and painting techniques, how to design and plan content and mood, whether working from the figure, locations or developing more personal ideas.

Our sculpture courses provide an opportunity to use both traditional and non-traditional media and explore the creation of 3D art objects.

Design Courses

Gain insight and explore the nature of textiles and fabric manipulation as a creative and experimental process to create objects or garments.

No Cost of living

by MidwestRick

This article appeared in a Las Vegas newspaper talking about Forest Park in St. Louis. Forest Park is located in the center of the St. Louis city limits-sort of like Central Park in NYC.
Compare the amenities mentioned in the article with Golden Gate Park, and compare the prices for admission between Golden Gate Park attractions and Forest Park.
And then, to round out your understanding, realize that St. Louis was settled by disenfranchised Europeans that were shut out of cultural institutions that were only offered to the wealthy elite. To prevent that, as St. Louis was established, the early citizens made a point that many cultural and artistic institutions would be provided to the public in perpetuity at no cost

Event to highlight fashion designers  — Bellevue Reporter
Seneca & Spruce will showcase emerging fashion designers from the Pacific Northwest as part of the official launch party Aug. 15. The company, founded in 2013, is a online magazine and retailer based in Seattle.

House's history dug up  — The Columbian
She is a graduate of Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, where her focus was literary arts. And she sees something of that in archaeology. "It's discovering ..

Ugandans may be quiet, but they are not dumb  — The Observer
We talk of hundreds killed during the Amin error and thousands in the Luweero triangle war, and millions in the war in the north with no deep feelings. We seem not to take hard lessons and ensure it never happens again. Instead some ..

Boston-area to do list  — Boston Globe
Native to the Northwest Coast.

Popular Q&A

Tips for an art school interview?

I'm 15 and interviewing for an over-the-summer college course for art, which includes an intensive study and living on campus as a mere highschool freshman. Making it would be a huge honor.

I have an interview Saturday morning, discussing four pieces of my art and myself in general. What are some tips you have for me?

Put together a nice diverse portfolio. Quote famous artists who you enjoy the art of or have based on allot of your work. Include art based hobbies and activities like music, theatrical. They basically want someone with potential and confidence. Just go in there, be yourself, treat it as though you are meeting someone you like after a long time apart, ask questions because they'll like that and just manifest all your determination into the likeable and dedicated person you are

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