Summer Art classes in Italy

Logo of Accademia Riaci, FlorenceAccademia Riaci, Florence:
Located in the heart of Florence, Accademia Riaci provides summer art courses, design courses and culinary arts programs to students from around the world. One of the leading art and design academies in Italy, we offer intensive summer programs in fashion, painting, drawing, graphic design, interior design, photography, and jewelry making among many others.


Suitable for beginners and experienced professionals, our summer art, craft and design programs are taught in English or Italian. You can choose to study for 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks.Photo of Summer Art & Cookery Programs in Florence, Italy Private lessons are also available, as well as an all-inclusive summer program that allows you to personalize your curriculum by selecting 1 or 2 subjects per week that you would like to explore.

Why study art in Florence this summer?

- Quality Art Education: You will receive tailored, hands-on instruction and extensive career development. Students studying the arts expand their knowledge and expertise through a combination of research, technical training and creative projects.

Exposure to libraries, museums and private collections enhance this work. Training for effective presentation skills is also provided in order to develop each learning artist as a whole.

Image of Summer Art & Cookery Programs in Florence, Italy- Expert Instruction: Students completing our summer art program will work directly with distinguished Florentine artists in studio. The academy's faculty are top artists in their field, united by the mission of inspiring next generation artists with unique tradition and artistic knowledge. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity and refine their techniques, and expand their originality to lead the future.

- Individual Attention: The student-teacher ratio (approximately 6 students per professor) is kept small to maintain the school's policy that values each students' originality and learning styles.Photos of Accademia Riaci, Florence This limited number of students in the class is effective in achieving speedy accurate learning.

- Convenient Accommodation: Accademia Riaci has several "Student Flats" (shared apartments) reserved for the academy's students. They are located within walking distance or within a 10 - 15 min. bus ride away from the school campus, and may come with or without a host family.

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Italy For Healers

by postmistress

There's a really cool Italian tour coming up as part of Healing Touch where you learn more about the ancient art of "hands on healing" while touring the ancient spiritual sites of Italy. If you haven't already made summer travel plans, this could be this trip for you. Check out the details at:
This Web site has the details, but isn't very well put together, so if you have questions or are just curious, call Yvonne at (925) 687-7392 or e-mail her at yvonne@positive-thinking. Nurses and other health care professionals get units for the classes, but I'm in the arts and get a lot out of this work!
Also, if you're not familiar or are curious about Healing Touch, go to Sky Wall Decals Beach with Boats Relaxing Landscape - 36 inches x 36 inches - Peel and Stick Removable Graphic
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Honolulu museum offers children free art classes  — San Francisco Chronicle
HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Museum of Art is providing free art classes this summer to 60 students from leeward Oahu schools.

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Where can I find cheap painting classes in Columbia SC???

check local clubs , library

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