Summer Art classes in Paris

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Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture offers year-round and summer drawing and painting classes & workshops in Paris for adults, artists, art students and children at beginner to advanced levels. We teach you how to make your own "travel sketchbooks", how to illustrate stories, how to develop painting and creative skills in a fun and pleasant way. Our classes are taught in English and French. 3-hour and 4-hour workshops are organized on weekends throughout the year, and 2-day workshops are held regularly in Paris. We also offer one-week workshops a few times a year in locations that include Lisbon and New York City.

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Class Locations:

Our studio is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a trendy and artistic neighborhood on the Right Bank (North Side) of the River Seine, close to the metro stations Parmentier (Métro Line 3), Goncourt (Line 11) and Oberkampf (serving Line 5 and Line 9).

Some classes take place at the studio, while most workshops are outdoors, taking place in different areas of the city each time. It is a good way to explore Paris, discovering places that one wouldn't necessarily have gone to using a guidebook or following regular tours.

Art Classes / Workshops for Adults, Artists, Students:

Mediums include drawing with pens/ pencil/ ink, sketching with pencil, watercolor painting, acrylic painting and mixed media; oil painting, and more.

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