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Summer Art classes in Los Angeles

Please join LAAFA for our Intensive Summer Art Program. This pre-college intensive course of study is for those high school students (15+) or recent graduates who want to immerse themselves in the world of figurative art. LAAFA offers a unique atelier learning environment that provides a strong foundational education in drawing, painting, composition and design. These classes will give college-bound students the necessary skill-set to thrive in an Entertainment, Illustration or Fine Art concentration.

LAAFA is known worldwide for our strong foundational programs. Students will be learning classical drawing, figure construction, anatomy, composition and perspective. In addition, students may choose one elective in Oil painting, Digital painting, and Traditional Concepts From Imagination, and Digital Concepts From Imagination.

The Intensive Summer Art Program is open to all high school students (15+) or recent graduates who are interested in personal development and preparatory art study. Due to limited space in this program, students will need to submit entrance requirements for admission into the program.

International students are eligible and must be conversant in English.

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Date: July 7th- August 1st

This 4-week sequential curriculum focuses on drawing from direct observation. Students will have a working proficiency of the human form as it relates to traditional representation in drawing. In addition, students will learn solid draftsmanship and technical skills in Classic Academic and Figure Construction, which will give students a well-developed understanding of line, form, structure, shadow, tone, light, edges, and the human anatomy.


Drawing 1A, 1B

2D Anatomy

Figure Construction




Course Descriptions:

Drawing 1A – This course is an introduction to drawing. Students will learn how to depict the illusion of three-dimensional objects through the language of linear and tonal drawing. The subjects of the sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, egg and cylindrical ring are possible subjects that will serve as foundational elements. This course will introduce the student to ideas of linear construction using complex cross-contour analysis of form. Students will also be introduced to the properties of light and shadow necessary in the depiction of form.

Drawing 1B – This course will introduce the student to the first step in a process of drawing from direct observation using the classical Sight-Size Technique. The course will begin with learning how to make an accurate silhouette (block –in) of inanimate objects, and will then proceed to complete linear drawings of the Cast, in which both primary and secondary forms are represented in block-in language. Proportions, line quality, and the abstraction of 3-dimensional objects as 2 dimensional shapes will be applied to each drawing in order to create a block-in that is accurate enough to continue to a finish.

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