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July 8–August 14, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Creating Art Using Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire

From cave paintings to stone carvings, artists have been making their mark on the natural world for thousands of years. This summer, the natural world will make its mark on art. Using fossils, plants, wax, crystals, sand, mud, and more, participants will collaborate with artist Leah Wolff to explore the ways in which organic substances and natural objects can be updated and utilized as the raw materials for a complex and sophisticated series of artworks.

Sound Amplification Available

Under the Spell of Mysterious Forces

Magic, Illusion, and Performance-Based Art

What happens when a performer undergoes an intense emotional and physical transformation and becomes someone completely different than who they used to be? How is the act of creating an artwork similar to that of pulling off a difficult illusion or fooling an audience with a well-crafted magic trick? Artist Alan Calpe will take participants through the strange, mysterious, and sometimes disturbing world of performance-based art, with detours through the realms of photography, video, and other types of two-dimensional art.


July 8–August 14, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 2:00–5:00 p.m.

Babycastles Arcade—The Return!

They’re baaaack! Following up on their immensely popular 2011 workshop, the mad scientists and gaming geniuses from Babycastles will return to The Museum of Modern Art, and this time, it’s personal. Participants will work alongside this creative collective to explore the world of independent video games, merging the worlds of modern art and cutting-edge digital design to find new modes of interaction and interface, and collaborate with a community of likeminded peers to create a fully functional video game arcade.

Sculpture Boot Camp

An Intro to Making Everything…and More

This summer, MoMA’s sculpture boot camp offers everything a young recruit will need to survive the world of three-dimensional art. Participants in this workshop will explore the creative techniques used by contemporary sculptors and learn the basics of a variety of processes, and then use those skills to create their own artistic masterpieces. Working under the guidance of sculptor Keith Mendak, studio members will gain hands-on experience in mold making, welding, papier mâché, and more.

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Paris museums are only free on

by le_kakawhet

The first sunday of each month, and boy are the lines long! The entries can get expensive too. If you are studying art history, though, and have your student card with you as well as a printout of your current classes, you can get in free to most all the museums. I did that in 1991. Do some research first! check out it's a great site. Don't miss the flea market at St.Oeun, north of the city, that's amazing. That's a museum in itself. Too expensive to actually buy anything. have fun and wear a mask for the pollution (just kidding--I live here and don't breath, that's why I have to go swimming all the time, because I forget to breath during the day walking around outside

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