Free Art classes Vancouver BC

Give Me 30 Days and I’ll Show You How Fun and Easy Learning Kickboxing Can Be!

If you would like to sculpt your entire body; boost your metabolism; lose fat; and have fun while learning an exhilarating new skill; then read on for more information about the best Vancouver Kickboxing Program.

You’ll Get in Great Shape,Have Fun and Learn Life Saving Self Defense Skills,or We’ll Give You Your Money Back

You will become strong,slim,lean,and boost your metabolism with our interval training system. You will improve your heart,lungs,endurance,and overall fitness level with our unique skill developing drills. You will reduce stress,feel better about yourself,and develop a new skill that you thought you could never do before with our cutting edge training methods.

If You Have Never Studied Martial Arts Before,Then This is the Perfect Class for You.

Vancouver Kickboxing 30 Day FREE TRIAL

We are so confident that you will love our Kickboxing program that we are happy to offer you a 30 day free trial.

Best of all,we will give you a free introductory private lesson to get you started and allow you to feel more at ease and confident before joining the group classes for Vancouver Kickboxing.

60 Day Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

The 30 Day FREE trial is just my way to get you in the door. In my mind,it’s not a risk. I know that you’ll love our fat burning,muscle toning,self defence skill building Kickboxing Classes so much that you’ll immediately want to purchase a membership with us. And once you purchase your membership with us,I never want you to regret your decision. That’s why I’m the only Vancouver Kickboxing school that gives every new student an Iron Clad 100% “we’re still friends no matter what” 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Either you absolutely love the class or you get 100% of your money back. It’s that simple.

Vancouver Kickboxing

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Hire a Youth in Focus photography student

by YIFsam

Youth in Focus is a nonprofit in the Rainier Valley that offers free photography classes to underserved teenagers.
Our team of Advanced level photography students, aged 15-19, are available for hire through the Freelance Project to photograph events such as festivals, fundraisers, art opening or other special projects as a low-budget service for other nonprofits and community organizations in Seattle.
If you are interested in knowing more about the Freelance Project or in hiring our students to photograph your event, please contact Sam Smith at 206

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Video Games (Electronic Arts)
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Honolulu museum offers children free art classes  — San Francisco Chronicle
HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Museum of Art is providing free art classes this summer to 60 students from leeward Oahu schools.

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