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Award-winning artist and illustrator Crystal Beshara's worldly expertise enlightens students to the fundamentals of art composition in a variety of mediums. Inspiration-wielders can choose between two beginner-level classes to learn how to create their own frameable arias and to start on the epic personal journey that leads to changing one's name into a symbol. The Intro to Watercolour class takes students through the basics of selecting the right colours and materials for masterpieces-to-be, followed by a how-to demonstration by Crystal on introductory techniques such as painting skies, trees, and flower petals. For a hands-on helping of technique, students may select Intro to Pencil Drawing, which covers light, shading, 3-D skills, and other line-based acrobatic feats of graphite. All course supplies are included in the value of this Groupon, and growing prodigies also receive 15% off any other weekly class or one day workshop to shower walls with personally-crafted splendour or to gift loved ones the unreturnable.


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American Top Team Orlando/Mejiro gym is located at 10018 University Blvd. - Orlando, FL. 32817. Paul Rodriguez, a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, PRIDE, King of the Cage and many other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events, is our lead MMA/grappling instructor. Paul has developed many of today's top MMA fighters including Luigi Fioravanti(5 x UFC veteran)and Seth Petruzelli(star of The Ultimate Fighter 2, UFC veteran, K-1, and former King of the Cage champion). Paul has a wealth of MMA and grappling knowledge and excels at developing students to their maximum potential. Ben Saunders, the star of The Ultimate Fighter 6, UFC veteran and Combat Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion, is an undefeated MMA fighter and one of our top instructors

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set
Toy (Fantasy Flight Games)
  • A game of tactical space combat in the Star Wars universe for two players
  • Take control of the most advanced starfighters in the galaxy
  • Contains three detailed, painted miniatures: one X-wing and two TIE fighters
  • Build your squadron selecting from thirteen Ship cards and five Upgrade cards
  • Straightforward quick-play rules will have you battling in mere minutes

Honolulu museum offers children free art classes  — San Francisco Chronicle
HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Museum of Art is providing free art classes this summer to 60 students from leeward Oahu schools.

Fantasy Flight Games Android Netrunner: The Card Game
Toy (Fantasy Flight Games)
  • New life for the classic card game by Richard Garfield
  • High-stakes futuristic gambles and intrigues in a cyberpunk setting
  • Exciting asymmetrical game play pits a corporation player against a runner
  • Four corporations and three runner classes spark imaginative deck designs
  • The Living Card GameTM format promotes regular, organic growth
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