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Mission: Renaissance® teaches the basics of drawing and painting to children, teens, and adults in a fun & safe art studio environment. Using The Guck Method®, a step-by-step method of instruction, students attend weekly drawing and painting classes where they can acquire all of the skills needed to become a fine artist.

Secrets of the great masters unfold step-by-step in our fine art classes. The results are immediate and continuous improvement. Our highly trained, caring instructors work one-on-one with each student. Anyone can learn how to draw and paint with The Gluck Method®.

* Proven method of instruction
* Recommended by Disney®
* Highly trained, certified Instructors
* Immediate results
* Make continual progress in each class
* Full Instructor background checks
* Flexible class schedules and make-up policies
* Art Camps during Summer, Winter & Spring breaks
* Birthday Parties
* Kids art classes - 1.5 hours
* Teen art classes - 2 or 3 hours
* Adult art classes - 3 hours


Established in 1975.

Founders Larry and Sheila Gluck began Mission: Renaissance® in the living room of their Los Angeles area home. Originally delivering art classes for adults, Larry developed his revolutionary method of instruction - The Gluck Method®. Within months, due to the growing number of students, the first Mission: Renaissance® studio opened in Hollywood.

Children's art classes were developed in 1985 based upon the successful program for adults proving that anyone, regardless of age or previous skill level, can be taught how to draw and paint beautifully.

Adhering to teaching students how to draw and paint using The Gluck Method®, dedicated instructors continue to lead the way in fine art training for children, teens and adults.

Mission: Renaissance® has grown to be the World's Largest Fine Art Program and has repeatedly been voted #1 for fine art classes in Los Angeles. Perhaps this is why Mission: Renaissance® is recommended by Disney® as a place to gain solid fine art training.

Meet the Business Owner

Larry Gluck began formal art training in 1944 at age 13 under the tutelage of Giusseppi Trotta, Italian master portrait artist. Larry graduated Pratt Institute - 1953 & graduated Adelphi College - 1955.

Larry and wife Sheila lived on St. Thomas V.I. throughout the 1960s where he gained world renown as a watercolor artist. By 1970, 3, 500 paintings hung throughout the world-from the private collections of Charles Revson (Founder, Revlon Cosmetics) to the Danish Royal Family.

In 1975 Larry began teaching & pioneered the first complete step-by-step fine art training program. It was soon realized that by using his revolutionary teaching method, anyone, with or without natural talent, could learn to draw and paint beautifully.
In 1985 Larry developed his famous children's art program using the same techniques proven effective with adult students. The step-by-step program immediately succeeded and in fact originated numerous private art training programs throughout Southern California.

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These places

by rotwang

Are so surprisingly expensive.
Evil expensive. Spend $100 and get a VCR ( used if need be ) and really cheap running shoes. Tape the cooking shows on KQED and KRON, run around your neighborhood until dizzy. Actually go to all the advertised farmers markets. Walk everything and examine everything. Go to Cala, Rainbow, compare produce...
And keep a little note book! Make notes. galore. from the tv at the markets, numbers, addresses, suppliers. Buy used restaurant sauce pans and copper clad, steel etc stuff! It's cheap used and you can always give/ throw it away.
Find a gas stove and occasionally cook on an electric range! Live life!
Fastest way to ramp up

Honolulu museum offers children free art classes  — San Francisco Chronicle
HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Museum of Art is providing free art classes this summer to 60 students from leeward Oahu schools.

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When do classes start and end for the summer semester for 2009 at Irvine College in CA?

Summer semester courses at Irvine College in California run from May 26 - August 14. There are some classes that start late.

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