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The framework for the Shine Program was constructed upon three foundational elements:

A Supportive Social Environment

We place emphasis on fostering positive social connections within the peer group, among program staff, and members of the community throughout our program. In each programming segment, students engage in opportunities to enrich social skills in a positive and supportive environment.

Community Connections

We value the unique qualities our students possess and view those attributes as vital contributions to the community. Shine is enriched with opportunities for students to make connections within the community, both on-and-off site, through engagement in outings, projects, and work study arrangements.

Engagement in Creative Arts

Our facility at Spectrum Creative Arts was built to showcase the creative mediums of music and art and their unique propensity for empowering individuals to recognize and share his and her distinct creative abilities. Our intention in the Shine program is to cultivate a creative landscape for our students in which meaningful connections can be made and discovered.

The Shine Program is comprised of on-site core programming on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00, as well as a selection of add-on services from 12:30-2:00 that include private instruction, community integration, and themed group offerings. Our customizable program structure allows students to create schedules that address their particular needs and interests.

Core Programming Core programming consists of The Spectrum Buzz! (social group), Create & Relate (art therapy), and Tune It Up! (music therapy). Each of these sections will be facilitated by a board-certified music and/or art therapist, with additional assistance from community volunteers.

The programming schedule reads as follows:

  • 9:00-10:00: Circle of Friends (Social Group) Through the expressive arts, participants engage in a variety of experiences designed to develop and build upon existing skill sets, as well as explore new ways to navigate their daily social environments.
  • The art medium can provide a safe modality to explore, learn, and develop skills. Using a variety of art materials, individuals will participate in art directives that go beyond basic arts and crafts. With the guidance of a licensed art therapist the individual will create art to develop skills related to daily living such as: socialization, communication, emotional processing, and self-expression. Furthermore, the art process will go beyond the walls of Spectrum as individuals will be encouraged to practice skills learned within the greater Rochester art community.
  • The group music therapy experiences in the Shine Program center around developing interpersonal, social, and developmental skill areas. Therapists design improvised or composed musical interventions to encourage each participant to engage with the music and improve skill sets across targeted domain areas: physical, cognitive, social, emotional, communication, adaptive, and musical.

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