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Your current refinements are:


The MFA Multidisciplinary Design responds to continuing changes in contemporary design practice and challenges the perceived boundaries between the many and varied recognised art and design disciplines. The programme seeks to establish an environment where creative, self-motivated practitioners from a diverse array of design backgrounds, with different methodologies, can experience a cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches to the design process.



There is a need for tomorrow's managers within the creative industries to possess considerable knowledge of the creative process alongside a clear foundation of business knowledge and skills essential for the management of successful enterprises. The overall aim of the MSc Management in Creative Industries programme is to educate both creative and business graduates who aspire to become development professionals, who may or may not have practical experience and who which to gain formal recognition through an academic qualifications in the area of creative business and management, developing in them those transferable intellectual skills which are key to successful general and industry specific management in both private and public sector organisations.

The programme encompasses a broad definition of photography as a lens-based medium considered from conceptual, historical, aesthetic, theoretical and technical perspectives. The programme provides you with a distinctive approach to photographic practice in a theoretical context whilst the practical projects, lectures and seminars, workshops and tutorials, enable you to understand the relationship between materials and technologies and the development of ideas.


The programme aims to promote individual fine art studio practice that is capable of presentation as an exhibition or equivalent public output. It provides a learning environment that supports a wide range of modes of production for art in which you can demonstrate a sound understanding of the practical, intellectual and creative aspects of your practice as an artist.


The MA Documentary Practice provides students and professionals alike with the opportunity to study Documentary Film Making in practice underpinned with sound academic theory within the context of...

Peoples Bark News Berkeley (Part 2)

by johnvance

This is a continuation of the Peoples Bark News
officials about your vote. Also, Bush has two daughters who are college you think that they would be on the front line? How do you think it will perceived if 19 and 20 year olds are being asked to serve this country and his daughters are still making
headlines getting drunk at rat parties?
BARBARA LEE: That poses the kind of questions and dilemmas before us. There are many questions that have to be asked..the kind of terrain ahead of us in a country we don?t know, how much collateral loss will we be inflicting in terms of innocent women and
children? Loss of life is loss of life. The Congress needs to ask these questions, force the administration
to answer these questions. That does not mean that we, and I, are not unified. I'm sure I will hear from the
administration, I'm on the foreign affairs committee.
I see Secretary Po…

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What is the postcode of belfast northern Ireland?

Belfast has a number of post codes from BT1 xxx to BT15 xxx

Where abouts is Belfast in Northern Ireland?

Belfast is on the east coast, at the start of Belfast Lough. See the map at the link below. You will see it near the top, just across from Scotland.

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