Arts courses Northumberland

For 2014 we have tried to get back to the roots of The Garden Station.
Our courses focus more on the beautiful Gardens, its flora and fauna, the woodlands and local landscape. As well as the heritage of our unique location.
We take inspiration from our environment to provide a range of courses and tutors.
Learn new skills or improve old ones; create items from breads to willow hares to take home with you.

Nature, Landscape and our place within it.
A Willow Course with Phil Bradley - CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION

Course Information

Our courses usually run from 10.00am to 4.30pm with course fees between £45 & £70 per day

Your course includes:

  • Tea/coffee on arrival
  • Home-made Lunch
  • Tea/coffee & delicious home-made cake in the afternoon

Book Your Courses Now to avoid disappointment!

New Courses being added - so check back regularly

Browse the list below, to find out more about a course click on ‘more info’. To check availability, select your course(s) and submit your enquiry & we will get back to you. Or ring 91

Book a special course for a party

We can arrange a special course or talk for your group or party. How about felt-making with your family, watercolour with your WI or a lecture for lead-smelt historians? For more details, please complete the form above.

The following local ACCOMMODATION OFFER is available:

  • Station Flat in Allendale:
    Verona and Mike Woodhouse have kindly offered £20 off a short break at their 4-STAR self-catering Station Flat in Allendale if you are booked on one of our courses.

Peoples Bark News Berkeley (Part 2)

by johnvance

This is a continuation of the Peoples Bark News
officials about your vote. Also, Bush has two daughters who are college you think that they would be on the front line? How do you think it will perceived if 19 and 20 year olds are being asked to serve this country and his daughters are still making
headlines getting drunk at rat parties?
BARBARA LEE: That poses the kind of questions and dilemmas before us. There are many questions that have to be asked..the kind of terrain ahead of us in a country we don?t know, how much collateral loss will we be inflicting in terms of innocent women and
children? Loss of life is loss of life. The Congress needs to ask these questions, force the administration
to answer these questions. That does not mean that we, and I, are not unified. I'm sure I will hear from the
administration, I'm on the foreign affairs committee.
I see Secretary Po…

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