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Course Review: Art Curating
Here at Hotcourses we’re passionate about learning and every member of the team takes a ‘hot course’ – either to improve their skills, enjoy a new hobby or just to try something completely different. Kate Weir, Hotcourses’ Account Manager, tells us about her art curator course... Name: Kate Weir My hotcourse: How to Be an Independent Curator Institution: Central Saint Martins In the recession, as many non-essential jobs are under threat, curating has been hailed as a slightly redundant career, essentially a middleman between the...

Art Attack!
If you’re a budding artist, check out the Royal Academy’s famous Summer Exhibition, and get inspired to start an art course… The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition has been held annually since 1768 and draws together a wide range of new work by both established artists and unknowns. It is the largest open contemporary art exhibition in the world and is a unique showcase for art of all styles and media. Taking place this year from June to August, the majority of works are for sale and any artist can enter work for selection. It usually takes...

Thursday Feeling
Get some artistic inspiration in the East End thanks to monthly late-night openings at art galleries… The sheer wealth of galleries and museums available in East London make it Europe’s largest cultural quarter. It is home to over 160 galleries – such a number and range of artistic gems in fact, that it can be virtually impossible to make time to see as much as you might wish. Supported by the Arts Council England, First Thursdays is where the galleries and museums of East London open their doors late for a chance to see amazing art, culture and...

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by travelhound

Los Angeles for Less
By: Joseph Anthony
Aerial view of Los Angeles. Photograph by Bruce Dale.
To enjoy Los Angeles, let alone get a good deal, you have to focus. Los Angeles County is 4,083 square miles huge; more than three million people live within the city limits. Out-of-towners can easily spend a large part of their vacation trapped behind the wheel of a car, becoming more familiar with the famed freeway system than they ever cared to.
Fortunately, an L.A. vacation doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of trying to cover massive amounts of real estate, concentrate on a few special neighborhoods in the 15 miles between downtown and the ocean that offer plenty of activities and lots of safe, affordable options

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