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Discover a new way to study at 14 with South Devon High School

South Devon High School,based at South Devon College,Paignton campus,is a new and exciting option at Key Stage 4. From September 2014,pupils entering Year 10 will have a new choice - studying at South Devon High School combining GCSEs in core subject areas,including English,Maths and Science,with a specialist technical pathway. The government believe that for many young people,combining academic and technical qualifications will give them the very best chance to succeed. At South Devon High School,pupils will develop skills valued by employers and benefit from work related learning,using state of the art,industry standard,equipment and resources.

We offer a programme of 8 GCSE's including a number of technical qualifications,such as:

  • Digital Media and Creative Arts
  • Eco Technologies
  • Leadership and Coaching in Sport and Adventure
  • Sports Science
  • Hospitality
  • Design in Construction
  • Computing
  • Childcare and Development
  • Personal and Business Finance
  • Health and Social Care

More information on all of these qualifications coming soon...

Pupils will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete a programme of 8 GCSEs ( or equivalent ) including a specialist subject qualification
  • Personalise their study programme through a choice of GCSEs,technical qualifications and enrichment opportunities.
  • Develop professional skills and knowledge in employment areas demanded in this region.
  • Study a curriculum designed to improve their employability and career prospects.
  • Fast track to a guaranteed place on a course at South Devon College at the age of 16,which might be a full time technical course,A Levels,or an Apprenticeship.
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This is a continuation of the Peoples Bark News
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I see Secretary Po…

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