Latte Art & Barista Training

Latte Art training course

Turn milk into silk and learn how to paint the perfect pattern to finish the ultimate espresso experience. Freepour patterns to learn include rosetta, heart, tulip or swan. Plus etch more complicated patterns like a flower or snail shell. A course to help you impress customers in the cafe or at home! 2 hours: $170 per person or for a private group session $500.
Note: there is no shipping cost.


To book and receive a private group session please select GROUP BOOKING in the shopping cart. Full refunds are applied if we are given 48 hour notice. We need at least 2 people to run a session. So confirmation of your training session is sent via email with the status of your order updated to 'Training Confirmed'.


Comfortable shoes for standing at the machine, your own machine and grinder if you prefer.


Not only will you take home what you have learnt, you will also receive 20% off retail products sold at our First Pour Cafe for that day only! *excludes espresso machinery More Information regarding Barista training courses.

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Peoples Bark News Berkeley (Part 2)

by johnvance

This is a continuation of the Peoples Bark News
officials about your vote. Also, Bush has two daughters who are college you think that they would be on the front line? How do you think it will perceived if 19 and 20 year olds are being asked to serve this country and his daughters are still making
headlines getting drunk at rat parties?
BARBARA LEE: That poses the kind of questions and dilemmas before us. There are many questions that have to be asked..the kind of terrain ahead of us in a country we don?t know, how much collateral loss will we be inflicting in terms of innocent women and
children? Loss of life is loss of life. The Congress needs to ask these questions, force the administration
to answer these questions. That does not mean that we, and I, are not unified. I'm sure I will hear from the
administration, I'm on the foreign affairs committee.
I see Secretary Po…

Milk Steaming and Latte Art - Two Hour Course
  • Great beginner course
  • Limited class size
  • Hands on training
  • Great skills training
  • Learn the different types of shapes and how to poor
  • Learn how to really steam milk for each drink and poor
  • Pour into lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos
Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup Espresso 501: An Advanced Course in Coffee and Espresso
DVD (Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup)
Home Barista: Espresso Preparation - 1/2 day: Afternoon
  • Hands on training
  • Limited class size
  • Can bring in your own home machine and grinder
  • Drink preparation and espresso beverages
  • Establishing the right grind
  • Great for beginners
  • Demonstration of popular home brewing methods
Barista Fundamentals, Drink Building, Coffee Business Consulting
  • Super skills training
  • Extensive drink building information
  • Expert business consultation
  • Development of signature drinks
  • Drink pricing, costing and margin analysis
  • Typical coffee bar financial analysis
  • Review of coffee bar ergonomics, customer service and sales strategy s
  • Customer service related to bar designs and required equipment
  • Lease negotiating and safety nets
  • Point of sale options, inventory control, sales and related staff planning and analysis
Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup Espresso 101 Barista Training DVD
DVD (Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup)

Popular Q&A

How do I make a martial arts training course in my backyard????!!?

Depends what you need to practice. In order to make this actually benefit you, you need to find out first what you need to work on and then make the equipment (if you even need it) and exercises according to that, not the other way around.

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