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Having the ability to create the unseen into a work of art is truly a gift. If you live to create, it’s possible a career in fine arts is your calling. Whether your passion is painting, pottery, mixed media or photography, San Jacinto College will set you up for success in an immensely rewarding profession in careers such as art direction, fashion or interior designer, broadcast media and film.

With our staff of award-winning instructors and state of the art visual studios, we’ll help you develop new skills and express your creativity in ways you’ve always dreamed. Upon obtaining your degree you will possess skills that are highly appreciated in many industries and you will have the tools necessary to turn your passion into a career.

We offer three paths for students interested in Fine Arts:

For students wishing to transfer into a Bachelor of Arts degree program at an upper-level institution, San Jacinto College offers The Associate of Arts degree curriculum that adapts to meet your needs as you look ahead to specialization at a four-year college. Students choosing to pursue an associate of arts degree should select from among General studies, Social and Behavioral Science, Business Administration, Fine Arts, or Communication.

The Technical Degrees & Certificates path sets you up for entry-level business jobs and kick-starts your career between 6 months to 2 years depending on the program. Information for degrees and certificates available for the areas of concentration are found in the course catalog.

Whether you want to improve your artistic skills or explore a new medium, San Jacinto College’s Continuing and Professional Development Fine Arts courses and programs will guide your hand toward a creative and rewarding career.

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