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Most passionate artists shudder at the thought of working a 9 to 5 routine desk job. Artists seek to explore, discover, and create. Through their visual media, whether it is drawing, painting, sculpting, or making pottery, artists communicate their ideas and philosophies for the entire world to see. But is it only the lucky ones who make it big by selling their work? No! Art is everywhere. So that means that artists are everywhere.

Good artists are needed in virtually every aspect of a business. Their creativity is what companies look for in an employee. Artists also create paintings and sculptures, which may be put on display in museums for all to appreciate, or purchased by businesses or private collectors.

Sheridan College boasts a thriving artistic student population. The on-campus art galleries are filled with not only student art, but art from SC alumni and faculty, as well as local and regional artists. Our Art faculty understand the students’ needs and create a comfortable and encouraging learning environment, while providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that challenge them to excel.

Courses range from Introduction to Drawing to Advanced Pottery. Students involved in the program also learn about Art History and Criticism. Associate of Arts and Science degrees and the Associate of Fine Arts Degree (pending approval) are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution. With the knowledge and skills learned in the Art program at Sheridan College, students can transfer credits earned toward a Bachelor’s degree program, and will have the confidence in their own abilities to do so. Our students will also have the entry level skills needed for many career choices.

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Which Colleges teach courses for future art teachers?

I don't know any specifically for art. I'm in the same situation. Look for schools that offer Education as a major, minor, or teaching crential. It depends aslo on where you want to go-out of state? in state? What state do you live in?If you're in grad school: SUNY Albany (in NY) is supposed to have one of the top 10 programs for Edu and VanderbiltUndergrad/grad:Vanderdilt University (TN), Smith College (MA), Mount Holyoke (MA), Chapman University (CA), UCI (CA), Boston University (MA), Bowdoin College (ME), St. Mary's College of Maryland (MD), University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Crest C…

Which is the best college for business course or the course related to commerce 'seneca or sheridan' ?

recently i have completed my 12th from commerce with maths stream & now i want to do bachelor course who have good scope in future.

sheridan is better than seneca . Apparently seneca people are really very strict about attendance thing . And if you are an international student you should go for a flexible college so as to maintain a balance with your work and studies as well.

What are the core college courses for an Associate of Arts Degree?

Depends on the associate degree but most will require math and english classes.

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