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Textile Design CSM course 3 of the best textile art degree coursesIf you’re looking to develop a career in textiles and would like to undergo some related training, it helps to know early on which courses are worth considering. We’ll be showcasing some of the options over the coming months and decided to start by introducing three of the best textile artist degree courses in the UK and Ireland.


Central St Martins College of Arts and Design in London has a long and proven record. Internationally renowned as an art college and cultural centre in one, it is famous for the creative energy of its students, staff and graduates. It has long held a reputation for providing one of the top textile art degrees in the UK.

The BA (Honours) Textile Design course at Central St Martins is based around exploring print, knit and weave, the three essential textile design practices. There is also a strong focus on non-traditional methods including digital design, as well as presentation and trend prediction. The course offers a wide range of complementary workshops investigating alternative surface treatments, media and technologies. St Martins aims to maximise the student’s creative and intellectual potential, enabling them to develop a unique design philosophy and challenge conventions.

Course Outline

BA Textile Design is a full-time undergraduate course (based in London) and runs for 90 weeks over three years. It has three specialist pathways – Knit, Print and Weave. Whichever pathway is chosen, there’s a strong focus on the development of the students as individuals. Students are expected to take initiative and nurture their own ideas leading to increasing independence as the course progresses, meaning there is no ‘right way’ to be successful.

Main study – Stage One: Stage One is an introductory stage and concentrates on all three areas of specialization; print, weave and knit. There is also a focus on enabling students to carry out visual research. During Stage One (three terms) students move from introductory design workshops through to a succession of structured and guided projects. The aim of the projects is to explore the ideas of research, drawing, colour, design and technical skills. There are also opportunities to develop techniques in digital and non-traditional approaches to design, structure and surface.

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