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BA (Honours) Textile Design explores the three main textile design practices - print, knit and weave - alongside digital and non-traditional approaches to textile design, trend prediction and presentation. This course is part of the Textiles/Jewellery programme.

BA Textile Design also offers complementary workshops in the use of alternative surface treatments, media and technologies. During your first year you'll study two or three of the specialist areas, gradually learning which suits your talents best. Early in the second year you'll decide which of them to study in depth.

The degree course aims to maximise your creative and intellectual potential by developing your individual strengths and design philosophy. You'll gain an understanding of the professional context and practice of textile design. You'll also build a personal creative identity and aesthetic vocabulary informed by historical, cultural and technical knowledge, and by the practical experience of making textiles.

BA Textile Design graduates are equipped to pursue a wide range of careers such as designers, designers / makers, researchers, buyers, stylists and illustrators. They work in concept and trend forecasting, in the theatre or journalism and are able to embrace a wide variety of opportunities presented by the global textiles and design industries, and postgraduate study. You are introduced to this complex professional context and the skills it demands through your project work, workshop practices, the international professional practice and research experience of your staff and the Visiting Speakers, Careers, Business Awareness, and Cultural Studies programmes.

Students on BA (Honours) Textile Design work alongside those studying textiles at postgraduate level as well as students on the BA and MA Fashion Courses.

BA Textile Design runs for 90 weeks full time over three years, and is divided into three Levels (or Stages), each lasting 30 weeks. The whole degree course is credit-rated at 360 credits, with 120 credits at each Level (Stage).

Under the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications the Levels for a BA are: Level 4 (which is stage 1 of the course), Level 5 (Stage 2) and Level 6 (Stage 3).

There's a progression point at the end of each Level and, in order to progress, all units of the preceding Level must normally have been passed.

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Which GCSE course is easier Art and Design or Textile?

depends on your skills , textiles is hard work in year 11 when you make a garment but really fun and art and design is a lot easier and fun to do. Think about what you want to do as a career , if you want to do fashion or interior then textiles would be a better option or if you want to do games design , professional artist etc then art and design. :)

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