Weekend Art courses in the UK


Open Life Class

Course Code: SAT1304001
Course Tutor: Katharine Prendergast & Eigil Nordstrøm
Course Dates: Saturdays, 26th July – 27th September 2014
Times: 10.30am – 1.00pm
Course Level: All Levels
Course Fee: £220

Open Life Class is a relaxed and enjoyable life painting/drawing course with a life model for various poses lasting between 2 and 5 weeks at a time. You will be able to approach the human figure in any way, do as many drawings or paintings as you care to pursue with as much or as little instruction as you like.

Your experienced tutor will happily guide both beginners and the more experienced painters. Students are free to use the materials that they enjoy the most, whether that is drawing in charcoal or painting in oils or acrylics.


Image / Damian Fennell

Weekend Creative Mix

Course Code: WC1401115
Course Tutor: Eigil Nordstrøm, Lynne Abrahamson, Sue Corke
Course Dates: Saturday & Sunday, 11th & 12th October 2014
Times: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Course Level: All Levels
Course Fee: £140

The Weekend Mix is an ideal way to explore a variety of artistic methods. Over the two days, we’ll work through various exercises in drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. This is a great ‘taster’ course and an excellent opportunity to both develop skills and get creative with your own ideas.

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No Cost of living

by MidwestRick

This article appeared in a Las Vegas newspaper talking about Forest Park in St. Louis. Forest Park is located in the center of the St. Louis city limits-sort of like Central Park in NYC.
Compare the amenities mentioned in the article with Golden Gate Park, and compare the prices for admission between Golden Gate Park attractions and Forest Park.
And then, to round out your understanding, realize that St. Louis was settled by disenfranchised Europeans that were shut out of cultural institutions that were only offered to the wealthy elite. To prevent that, as St. Louis was established, the early citizens made a point that many cultural and artistic institutions would be provided to the public in perpetuity at no cost

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