Summer Arts workshops Northern Michigan

Looking to hone in your artistic abilities this summer? Luckily, there are numerous art classes going on throughout the Northern Michigan towns that will help inspire you to create a masterpiece. These Northern Michigan art classes and workshops are offered throughout the summer in towns such as Traverse City and Leland, and even on Mackinac Island. Tickets to select classes and tours available at

Artcenter of Traverse City

  • Artistic Control of Color in Photography — June 17th, 6 pm: This class will teach you how to build and control the color in your photography allowing you to make clean, elegant, colorful images with new methods.
  • Fresh Color and Brushwork — June 23rd, 9 pm: Designed for adults with strong drawing skills and basic color mixing knowledge. This multi-day workshop focuses on painting elements with multiple exercises to improve brushwork and color knowledge.
  • Paper Paintings Collage — June 23rd, 9 pm: Students are taught unique figurative collage technique with hand-painted papers. No prior collage experience necessary.
  • How to Paint without Guessing — July 15th, 9 am: Each student is given a project to work on along with demo’s each day. Students will learn how to start and finish a painting in a quiet room.
  • The Pastel Landscape Simplified — July 23rd, 9 am: This workshop will cover methods and techniques that will help simplify your approach to landscape painting. Each day of the workshop will begin with a demonstration.
  • Adding the You Factor to Paintings — August 11th, 9 am: The theme for this workshop is to help you put more personal and creative touches into your paintings. All levels and all mediums welcome.
  • Intuitive Painting — August 18th, 9 am: This workshop is designed to encourage students to break the rules and move away from the usual style of paintings. Demos are in the morning and afternoon with plenty of individual instruction and discussion throughout the day.

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KPFA/Pacifica Campaign Bulletin - PBNB/1/8/01

Hi PBNB Readers;
This is primarily KPFA/Pacifica Campaign information.
The REGULAR ISSUE of the PBNB should be out either late this evening,
Tuesday, Jan. 8 or before noon tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 9.
Thanks - john vance, editor
Peoples Bark News Berkeley
KPFA Station Board Meeting!
From: 'Lyn Gerry'
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Subject: {FP} Date of KPFA Station board meeting
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 18:54:24 -0800
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Dear LAB members this is the final version of our agenda. See you at the meeting.
Agenda for KPFA LAB January 9, 2002 meeting at the North Berkeley Senior Center at 7:00 p.m.
Introductions - 5 min.
Minutes from December 5, 2001
Station Manager's Report- 10 minutes
Public Comment - 30 minutes

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Native to the Northwest Coast.

Popular Q&A

We are 12 and 13 yrs. old and bored, what is there to do in the summer in Northern Michigan? HELP?

Something we don't need parents to do!

go to local pool if you dont know where one is look up the community center in the phone book,while you at it see whta else they have going alot of them offer activities for kids your age,play in the hose read a book,go skating,bowling go walk around the mall,go to see a movie on dollar days,have a yard sale,camp out in the back yard,start a baby sitting,go biking visit a park go to the library and get some free movies,play a board game,get out some cards bake something, write a silly book,give each other makeovers,talk on phone,stay up late sleep in make crank calls,volunteer

What is the economy going to be summer of 2009 in northern Michigan?

Despite the economy, the summer of 2009 might be the best time to travel, deals coming up! Thanks for the question and ChaCha on!

What is a good summer camp for the arts in Michigan?

Why don't you check out Interlochen in northern Michigan? It is a well-known camp for the arts for 2500 children aged 8-18.

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