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Photos of Self Defense Training at Keller's Martial Arts

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Lead by Coach Shonie Carter, 11 times World Champion, our MMA program will sculpt you into the fighter you need and want to be. You will learn the fundamentals of Jui-Jitsu while focusing on modern MMA, kickboxing, submissions, grappling, ground fighting, self-defense, and total conditioning. This training will improve your reaction time, build abdominal strength, increase flexibility, and maximize your overall core strength. Learn how to execute take-downs and escape being mounted, choked, and grabbed from numerous angles.Photo of Little Ninjas in Training at Keller's Martial Arts Shonie will train and coach students who decide to fight MMA.


Self Defense classes are backed by Hapkido, Jui-Jitsu, Pankration, Escrima, Wrestling, Judo, and Boxing techniques. Our self defense training program has a proven track record of success, with many of our students prevailing against unarmed and armed assailants. Training includes:

  • STRIKING with hands, elbows, knees and feet
  • THROWS for offensive and defensive situations
  • JOINT LOCKS and DISLOCATION TECHNIQUES to subdue an opponent or separate the joints
  • CHOKING and RESTRAINING TECHNIQUES to subdue an opponent without injuring him
  • WEAPONS – stick and knife fighting and how to turn ordinary objects into self-defense tools (i.e. pens, keys, bats, canes, umbrellas, etc.)


Originally developed for the Korean military, Taekwondo has evolved into the most popular martial art in the world. Although it consists of realistic self-defense and punches, Taekwondo generally focuses on kicking – the hardest striking ability a human can deliver. Whether you are looking to instill discipline in your 4-year-old child, or become Olympic-style Taekwondo fighter yourself, Keller’s offers only the best instructors to help you reach your goals. Each one of our instructors has extensive knowledge stemming from first generation Grand Masters who will guide you toward becoming a champion of the one-self.

Hip Hop Dance Classes at Keller's Martial Arts and Fitness CenterLITTLE NINJAS

“Little Ninjas today, leaders tomorrow.” The Little Ninjas curriculum develops eight major skills that are necessary for participation in any sport or activity. The curriculum also contains eight Little Ninjas personal development skills that are used to reinforce family values. Upon completion of our Little Ninjas program, your child will be focused and motivated to achieve any goal they set in life. The eight skills Little Ninjas develop include:



Hapkido is a Korean martial art whose name is sometimes translated as “the way of coordinated power.” It comprises thousands of techniques and encompasses all forms of martial skills, from extensive joint locking techniques, throws, take-downs, and ground-fighting to dynamic kicking techniques, strikes and punches similar to Taekwondo, and both hard and soft style blocking techniques.

The goal of Hapkido is not to meet an opponent’s force with direct force, but to redirect it using a circular motion, and then to counter the attack with a powerful circular combination of techniques. It is an art that can be put into action from any distance thereby making it compatible with many other styles and personalities. Using proper Hapkido techniques, a 110 lb. person can bring down someone who is three times their own weight.

Photo of Judo Training at Keller's Martial Arts in Chicago Photos Before and After Zumba Fitness Training

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