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Children's Karate Program and Martial Arts Classes

Northampton Karate has been working with children for over 20 years and has developed the most comprehensive children's karate and martial arts program in the Pioneer Valley. Our classes stress focus, discipline, perfection of technique, courtesy and respect, rank promotions, and a little bit of fun. Every child is capable of learning karate. Our curriculum encourages patience and progress and the importance of using self defense in a controlled way by discouraging aggressive behavior. There are both boys and girls in all kid's classes and men and women instructors teach the children, serving as role models while providing a unique balance and approach.

There will be other beginners in each of the children's classes. Your child will be made to feel welcome from the very first class. We understand that all practitioners start off as beginners, and we encourage respect and patience with students of all skill levels and abilities. We look forward to training with your child in the Dojo. Read an article written about Northampton Karate's Children's Program featured in The Republican newspaper.

The minimum age to participate in the children's program is 5. If you're thinking about joining, parents and children are welcome to observe all advance if interested in visiting and observing. We ask that you show up 15 minutes prior to your child's first class to complete the one-page registration form, sign the waiver, be fitted for a Gi (uniform), make first month's payment, and for a quick orientation. The Dojo is equipped with male and female changing rooms and bathrooms.

Northampton Karate does not have an "initiation fee" and membership is paid on a month by month basis. A discount applies if membership is paid quarterly or annually and we accept cash or checks. The fee for children's classes is $60 per month, which allows your child to particpate in as many kid's classes as are offered.

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NYC workout

by drcute27

How would you like to try martial arts as a work-out for a change. you can try judo. this is nice specially if you have been lifting weights. what a great way to give the strength you gained an application to put it to work. judo is like wrestling with uniform. it teaches you submission grappling.
call the gentleway masters martial arts school at 718-2683191 for free classes.

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