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Why join an Art Class?
Art in any form or as in drawing or painting is like creating a new part of yourself...

Creative expression of emotion frees you up.

Creativity creates space in yourself for peace and regeneration, it is a relaxed, meditative state.

Art is a natural therapy for body - mind and soul.

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Adult Still Life Watercolour painting classes at Life is the Dancer

500 Bridge Road

Richmond VIC 3121

The classes are tailored to beginners and involve exploring and developing creativity whilst boosting artistic confidence.
I aim to assist you in getting the best out of your individual talents.

Each course runs for 5 weeks, classes are 2 hours in duration, limited to 10 spots and all the materials are provided for each class.

The classes are set in a lovely, comfortable and we trust friendly space.

If you would like to make a booking, please call 9428 7222


for further information jump onto our website >

Dow Street - Port Melbourne

Adult Art Classes in any medium Monday, Thursday and Friday

- is a society for those from artists to art lovers.

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Popular Q&A

Art classes in Melbourne?

Hey guys. I'm 17 and am on medical leave from school for the rest of the year. I have so much time to sit in my bedroom and do nothing with my everydays and seriously want to change that. I'm living in Melbourne, Australia and need help finding Art Classes/programs I can attend. Thing is I don't want to do a long course or anything as I want to get out of the house and continue with my last year of high

school from January next year.

So I'm looking for something where you pay for each art class as you go.

I'm in the North-west of melbourne but don't mind going into the CBD.

The CAE (it's in Janelle's link above) has lots of short art courses, not sure but I think you have to pay up front. Otherwise, try asking your local council as many Neighbourhood Houses and libraries have pay-as-you-go courses (you might even see something other than art that's interesting).

When is the last day of free classes at the Art Institute of Chicago?

The last free day is the end of this week. ChaCha!

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