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Logo of Art Encounters, MelbourneArt Encounters, Melbourne:
Art Encounters in Elsternwick, Melbourne is the perfect place to explore your creativity and learn how to make art. Art Encounters was established in 1998 to provide the community with a school where people could rekindle and awaken their creative expression and desire to make art.

We provide a highly supportive and stimulating environment for the novice to commence the journey of art education. Perfect for beginners who like to study in a personal environment in small groups.

About us:

Art Encounters is a private art school that was founded in 1998 by Dena Lester who is an exhibiting contemporary artist. The school is run on a number of fundamental principles that are the foundation for all of our courses from the youngest of children to our elderly students.

These principles are as follows:
* A solid basis in observational drawing is imperative to the artist's development.
* Being well informed about colour and its properties is essential to good painting.
* The understanding of materials and their application contributes to the integrity of art work.
* Learning to articulate one's personal journey and translate it into a visual form is the ultimate goal of the artist.
* Understanding art history and particularly contemporary art making practices is a prerequisite for any person considering becoming a serious artist (and most useful for those who do it just for fun).
* Every person who is interested in learning how to make art will upon studying consistently find an area that they can develop into a personal art practice.
* Visual expression is very healthy for the human being on both a physical and emotional level.

Adult Art Classes :

- Drawing and Painting for Beginners - An 8 week introductory course that explores a series of basic exercises and explorations of approaches and materials.

- Art Making for Beginners - One year foundation Course: This weekly course offers students the opportunity to develop solid skills in drawing, painting and self expression. Ideal for beginners who want to see results in their development.

- Weekend workshops in Materials, Colour, Life Drawing, Watercolours, Portraiture, Landscape Painting, Observational drawing, Painting the Nude and more.

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Popular Q&A

Does anybody know of any evening/weekend art classes in Melbourne, Australia?

I really want to brush up on my art skills but work full time during the week; does anybody know of any cheap life drawing/art classes within the city?


I think the CAE (council of adult education) is a great place to start, I have included the web page for you (they have a way to only search on after hours courses). Also, have a look in the window of some art supply stores, I'm sure there will be some useful leads!

What's a good art exhibition to see in Melbourne this weekend?

The Dali exhibition, Liquid Desire opened at NGV today. It was curated especially for the NGV, featuring paintings, sculpture, film, photography and jewellery

Art classes in Melbourne?

Hey guys. I'm 17 and am on medical leave from school for the rest of the year. I have so much time to sit in my bedroom and do nothing with my everydays and seriously want to change that. I'm living in Melbourne, Australia and need help finding Art Classes/programs I can attend. Thing is I don't want to do a long course or anything as I want to get out of the house and continue with my last year of high

school from January next year.

So I'm looking for something where you pay for each art class as you go.

I'm in the North-west of melbourne but don't mind going into the CBD.

The CAE (it's in Janelle's link above) has lots of short art courses, not sure but I think you have to pay up front. Otherwise, try asking your local council as many Neighbourhood Houses and libraries have pay-as-you-go courses (you might even see something other than art that's interesting).

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