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course-descriptions21Painting is fun! And acrylics are a great medium to start with. In this Seattle painting class, you’ll learn how to mix and blend acrylics, how to use brushes, and how to paint some simple objects and landscapes, step-by-step. Even if you don’t know an artist’s brush from a toothbrush, you’ll have fun, learn a lot, and get off to a good start. You can take this class as a three-week course or a one-day workshop.

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?ARTCLASSES11-1 In this enjoyable class, aimed at beginners but open to all levels, you’ll learn how to create your own cartoon characters and show them in action, even if you’ve never drawn before. You’ll learn how to draw cartoon faces and figures; how to draw human and animal characters & more.

Colored pencils can be used to create beautiful sketches and drawings. They’re also the cleanest, most portable medium you can find.arr2221 In this enjoyable introductory Seattle class, you’ll learn how to draw and “paint” on paper using high quality pencils, and mix and blend them in different ways to create beautiful, vibrant drawings. Come spend the afternoons exploring color and learning about this fascinating and relaxing medium.

In this class students will learn how to draw faces and portraits using an easy step-by-step method. You’ll learn how to draw male and female faces… front views, side views and other angles… facial expressions… and more.dundon-calligraphy-class-seattle You’ll learn how to draw realistic, believable faces when you don’t have a model, and also how to get a good resemblance when you’re drawing from life or photos.

Anyone can draw… this means you! In this enjoyable introductory drawing class, aimed at total beginners, we’ll work our way through a number of exercises designed to train your eye, hand and imagination to work together. Most students notice striking improvement in their artwork by the second meeting. (NOTE: This is the 3-WEEK version of the class. If you are looking for the 1-DAY version, see Learn to Draw in a Day.)

Ink drawings can be striking and beautiful. They have a vivid element of contrast that can define forms in a dramatic or whimsical way. Come join us and spend a fun day exploring this fascinating art form.

seattle polymer clay class DundonSingLittleBirdSingFINALSMALL-150x150

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Hire a Youth in Focus photography student

by YIFsam

Youth in Focus is a nonprofit in the Rainier Valley that offers free photography classes to underserved teenagers.
Our team of Advanced level photography students, aged 15-19, are available for hire through the Freelance Project to photograph events such as festivals, fundraisers, art opening or other special projects as a low-budget service for other nonprofits and community organizations in Seattle.
If you are interested in knowing more about the Freelance Project or in hiring our students to photograph your event, please contact Sam Smith at 206

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Honolulu museum offers children free art classes  — San Francisco Chronicle
HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Museum of Art is providing free art classes this summer to 60 students from leeward Oahu schools.

Popular Q&A

Where can I take a Cantonese class in San Jose or Silicon Valley?

I found an answer: De Anza College.

Is the san jose art museum free?

Tickets prices are as followed Adults: $8.00, Students & Seniors: $5.00, Children under 6: FREE, SJMA Members: FREE.

Where in San Jose is there a 100% free ballet classes?

Okay so today was my sisters birthday and she wanted all of the things a ballerina would have (she wants to be a ballerina) so we bought them for her, anyways now we are trying to find some FREE ballet classes that are in San Jose and JUST in San Jose

Important information that would be useful:

shes 7 years old (just turned 7 today)

she will probably want to be in it for some years so it would probably be best if there was a high age range

It would be very helpful if the classes were pretty close to the

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library( 150 E. San Fernando St. , San Jose CA…

You are not going to find a free ballet class anywhere. If you do find one it is going to be of such shocking quality that you should not put her in it.

Even "community ballet" classes are usually a couple of dollars.

You've wasted all that money on "ballerina" things - and tell me, what did you get her? All she would have needed was a simple leotard, tights and flat leather ballet shoes.

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