Art history classes in Seattle

Melissa Weinman, GageGuided by the belief that artists are made, not born, Gage strives to educate, enrich and engage artists and the community in the visual arts.

Gage offers instruction in the principles of drawing, painting and sculpting and is dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels realize themselves as artists in contemporary society.

About Us

Gage Academy of Art is celebrating more than 20 years as a vibrant extended-learning and contemporary art center, providing community based artistic development for artists of all ages and abilities. Featuring year-round programs that engage and inspire, Gage is home to public art events, lectures, youth programming and exhibitions.

Programs for Adults

Programs for adults focus on the practical applications of art theory, exploring both the techniques and the aesthetic issues of artmaking with a proven framework to accelerate the growth of your artistic skills.

Programs for Youth

Programs for youth encourage young artists aged 6-18 to explore new materials and techniques, develop creative problem solving skills and celebrate self-expression.

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Popular Q&A

Which Colleges teach courses for future art teachers?

I don't know any specifically for art. I'm in the same situation. Look for schools that offer Education as a major, minor, or teaching crential. It depends aslo on where you want to go-out of state? in state? What state do you live in?If you're in grad school: SUNY Albany (in NY) is supposed to have one of the top 10 programs for Edu and VanderbiltUndergrad/grad:Vanderdilt University (TN), Smith College (MA), Mount Holyoke (MA), Chapman University (CA), UCI (CA), Boston University (MA), Bowdoin College (ME), St. Mary's College of Maryland (MD), University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Crest C…

What college courses are considered arts and humanities?

English, Language, and Social Studies courses are considered arts and humanities courses.

What are the core college courses for an Associate of Arts Degree?

Depends on the associate degree but most will require math and english classes.

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