Summer Art workshops

Our award-winning faculty includes many of the most respected and renowned artists and writers working today. They will work with you to develop your craft,offering guidance and encouragement as you take those important leaps toward realizing your potential. Visual arts studios and the writing lab are open around the clock,available whenever the mood or muse visits. Students,staff and faculty form a supportive and inspiring community here,and the combination of creative writers and visual artists paves the way for cross-genre dialogue and collaboration.

While our esteemed faculty is our most valuable asset,our stunning land’s end location also sets us apart from other summer workshop programs. Situated at the tip of Cape Cod,Provincetown is surrounded by miles of rolling dunes and long sandy beaches,the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here there is time and space to concentrate on what truly matters – your creative work,bolstered by the mentoring of working writers and artists. And the connections you’ll make with those who are part of this magical place will serve and sustain you for years to come.

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Art Workshops
Art Workshops

Christopher Hitchens

by giveshisview

The Chorus and Cassandra
Christopher Hitchens
Grand Street Magazine, Autumn 1985
In his imperishable Treatise on the Art of Political Lying, published in 1714, Dr. John Arbuthnot laid down a standard for falsifiers and calumniators that has yet to be excelled:
Detractory or defamatory lies should not be quite opposite to the qualities the person is supposed to have. Thus it will not be found according to the sound rules of pseudology to report of a pious and religious prince that he neglects his devotions and would introduce heresy; but you may report of a merciful Prince that he has pardoned a criminal who did not deserve it.
Sixteen years ago I went to the Examination Schools at Oxford University to hear Professor Noam Chomsky deliver the John Locke Lectures. The series was chiefly concerned with modern theories of grammar, syntax, and linguistics, but Chomsky attached a cond…

Event to highlight fashion designers  — Bellevue Reporter
Seneca & Spruce will showcase emerging fashion designers from the Pacific Northwest as part of the official launch party Aug. 15. The company, founded in 2013, is a online magazine and retailer based in Seattle.

House's history dug up  — The Columbian
She is a graduate of Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, where her focus was literary arts. And she sees something of that in archaeology. "It's discovering ..

The new social studies: A Fulton workshop - Summer 1967-68 (Masters' theses. Education)
Book (State University of New York, College of Arts and Science, Professional Studies Division)

Ugandans may be quiet, but they are not dumb  — The Observer
We talk of hundreds killed during the Amin error and thousands in the Luweero triangle war, and millions in the war in the north with no deep feelings. We seem not to take hard lessons and ensure it never happens again. Instead some ..

Art Rules A Summer Educational Arts program
Art Rules A Summer Educational Arts program
Art New England Summer Workshops @ MassArt PCE
Art New England Summer Workshops @ MassArt PCE

Boston-area to do list  — Boston Globe
Native to the Northwest Coast.

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