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Summer Arts classes in Wisconsin

Celebrating 56 years of commitment to visual arts excellence, the Summer Art Studio offers an in-depth experience for middle and high school students. Classes are offered in a variety of media and subject areas and are all held in the well-equipped art studios of UW-Green Bay. Middle school campers will experience two unique mediums. They will have the opportunity to choose a morning and an afternoon class. High school campers focus in only one area, allowing for an immersion experience in that art genre. In addition, there are many opportunities for interaction with other campers and faculty. Critiques, slide lectures, field trips, and a final exhibition all encourage exchange of ideas and styles.

Faculty and guest instructors are drawn from the ranks of UW-Green Bay and the surrounding region. All are highly-respected, professional artists who are also excellent teachers.

"This was my daughter's third year with the summer camp and she has had nothing but great things to say about her experiences. She beams with joy and inspiration each and every day she attends. Her experiences at summer camp reaffirms her commitment to her love for the arts. Each year she has attended summer camp she has lofted herself to a higher level of artistic talent. As her father it gives me great pleasure to see her joy, her inspiration, and continued commitment to what she loves so much. All of this is so much a result of her experiences at camp. I applaud what you are doing for our children, your efforts and expertise are a true example of how important the arts are to our children and the end result in my mind is improving my daughter's quality of life. We will be back next year and the years to come."

- Dad of a Summer Art Studio Camper


Middle School campers register for both a morning and an afternoon class. High School campers register for one course during the week, allowing the camper to focus on one medium or subject area in depth. Campers will also attend special lectures given by working artists.

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Peoples Bark News Berkeley

by johnvance

Inkworks Press has created 2 windowsigns ----
'Justice, not Vengeance/Let us not become the evil that we deplore'
and 'Hate Free Community/Stop Racist Attacks.'
We've also made flyers of Barbara Lee's speech before congress on
9/14 under the headline 'Barbara Lee Speaks for Me, and Millions
These materials are available at Inkworks now, 2827 7th Street,
Berkeley. We request a donation if possible to defray expenses and to
print more, but it's not necessary. Our purpose is to get them into
circulation. We will reprint bulk orders at cost.
You will find the links to these flyers on the website below (in
jpeg and pdf format).
Take care, and be safe,
the Inkworks Collective
2827 Seventh Street
Berkeley CA 94710
ph: 510.845.7111
fx: 510.845.6753

Honolulu museum offers children free art classes  — San Francisco Chronicle
HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Museum of Art is providing free art classes this summer to 60 students from leeward Oahu schools.

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