Whistler Summer Art workshops

Summer Arts & Theatre Camp

Summer Arts & Theatre Camp

Aug 11-15: Club Rio – dance the day away with salsa, tango and feather boa costumes (Brazilian Carnival Theme)

LB Productions and Layna Mawson present Theatre & Arts Camp, a chance for kids to explore improv, singing, dancing, acting, painting and crafting - all in one place. Design backdrops, create costumes, memorize some lines, learn some new songs, and put on a show. Bring a friend and make it twice as fun! One healthy snack a day is included.


Instructor Bio: LB Productions

LB Productions is based on the belief that everyone possesses unique gifts and talents that simply need to be discovered, nurtured and developed. LB Productions was founded in 2012 by Anita Burleson, and offers dynamic theatre, voice, improv, and dance classes for all ages. Participation in one of their performance workshops has proven to increase personal confidence as well as develop stage skills. Not everyone will choose to become a professional entertainer in life, but we all utilize communication skills on a daily basis. LB Productions welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Learn more about LB Productions here

Instructor Bio: Layna Mawson

Layna’s “Aha!” moment happened in 2009 when she decided to combine her passion of kids, crafts and creativity. Voila! Orkidz Art Studio was born. Layna loves when children tell her how they made their art project - it’s about the process, the journey and the feelings. Her Mantra is to encourage, explore and ignite through creativity.

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AcroYoga in Vancouver

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Hey, I've been practicing with the AcroYoga community in Vancouver and we're always looking for new people to play with! It's possible that you might have seen us playing this summer at Kits Beach, Trout Lake, or elsewhere, but soon we'll be moving indoors as the rain returns. It's a wonderfully cooperative and playful partner practice, and if you haven't seen it before, I highly suggest you take a look! (search youtube for acroyoga)
From acroyoga.org: "AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community

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Popular Q&A

Is there any good summer performing arts workshops or talent agents around San Bernardino County?

I like to sing, dance, and act.. and since I'm a full-time nursing student every time school starts, i don't have enough time to do what i love to do best which is performing... Is there any good workshops around the area that would help me improve my perfoming skills ability??

Gee, well, my crystal ball is down at the moment, but how about if you look in your local newspaper, yellow pages, call your local chamber of commerce, city hall, or park district and ask. This would seem to make sense, eh? And you should have begun with the word "Are," not "Is."

Any summer workshop for art like drawing, painting, etc. in phil.?

only in luzon, philippines but not to far like manila, somewhere thats sorta near quezon or makati that teaches drawing(like for manga), painting(anykind), or stuff like photoshop or things u can edit ur drawings with. just like nice stuff u see on deviantart, and d phone no. and address of the place if u have it!! thanks!!!

Its difficult to say, I'm in another country. But I learnt to caricature from YouTube and animate from Preston Blair's course.

Because I'm a visual learner, these videos and printouts were sufficient to teach me what I wanted to learn! Have a go, it might help u.

Try my oneminute drawing course at

Please help me find arts and craft workshop in the Philippines for this summer season.?

specifically in Manila. Any workshops that deal with design and creativity.

You may join Em Mariano workshop. His craft and workshops have been featured on television and in magazines. He holds his workshop in Ortigas at Strata 2000 Building. Here are some of his workshop courses for this summer 1. Beginners Bead Accessory Design Seminar and Small Business Operation 2. Advanced Wiring 3. Creative Watch Strap Design as featured at Boy and Kris Show 4 Flip flop design. He also conducts regional workshops in Davao and Cebu. His company is called Business Fundynamics. He will be featured at Entreprebeur Magazine this April. His website is or You may call his offi…

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